About Us

Hi I'm Joanne and I am Eternal Essence :)
Eternal Essence makes a range of natural healing products, my most popular being the Eczema Healing Cream, Acne Cream and the Sleep Balm, they can be used on all ages and are natural and handmade in New Zealand.

I am a Natural product person so when one of my children developed eczema at the age of 4 I wasn't too happy at having to use steriod creams on him . I started doing research and found I could create an all natural cream that helped ease the eczema and give him relief. I decided to share my cream with others who were also looking for some relief for their own children.The positive feedback I received from many was the beginning of “EE” The requests to create an all Natural product boosted me to research and develop my own unique range of products. I have since diversified my range of natural products to include Vapour rub, baby bum balm, migraine relief as well as Natural products for the Everyday woman such as face scrubs and lip balms and so much more.
There IS a Natural way to ease pain and give relief for many childhood conditions such as Eczema and if I don’t have the product you are looking for please email me and I will see what I can do for you.
Joanne, Eternal Essence LTD.

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